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Growing Food Indoors with Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics Infographic - How does it work?

All You Need To Know About Hydroponics

Hydroponics infographic - all about how it works. it can simply explain about hydroponic for newbie

How to Start Hydroponic Gardening As A Beginner

How to Start Hydroponic Gardening As A Beginner

AeroFarms' indoor farm grows crops twice as fast as outside while using 95 percent less water

Inside the world's largest vertical farm

AeroFarms indoor farm grows crops twice as fast as outside while using 95 percent less water

Mason Jar Aquaponics DIY

Mason Jar Aquaponics

nice 3 Mason Jar Aquaponics Kit - Organic, Sustainable, Fish Hydroponics Herb Garden (WITHOUT JARS)

personal life: herbs are important for cooking. so growing your own can be helpful. this shows you easy ways to do that.

The Volksgarden hydroponic garden. Talk about maximizing production...

The Volksgarden is a rotary hydroponics system in which plants are installed in a circular unit, growing toward a light source at the center. It has approximately 20 square feet of growing area, and holds up to 80 plants. Its most successful crops include

The best fish for aquaponics infographic

The best fish for aquaponics

There are many different type of aquaponics systems. These include media based, NFT(nutrient flow techinque) and DWC (deep water culture). Use this infographic to help choose the right system for you.

Dubbed "Malthus," this Ikea-hacked project by Conceptual Devices pieces together a 100g fish tank, plastic grow beds, a pump and piping onto an IKEA Broder shelf, with wheels. Malthus is designed to be an in-home unit, and to grow one meal a day, a portion of fish with a side of salad.    If you don't know yet, aquaponics is basically hydroponics + fish in a sustainable loop. The fish provides nutrients and CO2 to the plants, and the plants in turn purifies the water and returns O2 to the…

In-home aquaponics unit designed for the next generation kitchen or living room. It grows one meal a day: a portion of fish and a side salad. Aquaponics farming is a technique that combines the cultivation of fish with the growing of vegetables.