Nowadays, Himalayan salts lamps are becoming really popular, and there are several good reasons for it. Namely, it offers numerous health benefits, including relaxation, body detoxification, and respiratory support. Thus, this mineral-rich lamp can provide various health benefits and enhance your entire living. It is made from pieces of Himalayan salt, which can vary in …

Here is Why Himalayan Salt Lamp Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own!

4 Things Happen When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp ~

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Benefits of hymalayan salt

Detox – What Are The Benefits And What Should You Eat? (Part I)

I do not know if it detox or not but I use it often. Think all salt is created equal? Learn the benefits of this healthy salt & get our DIY recipe for sole mineral water.

Health Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps Will Amaze You

Health Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps Will Amaze You

Health Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps Will Amaze You

Health Benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps Will Amaze You

Learn all the health benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps will bring to your world. We have outlined all the reasons you need them in your home on a daily basis.


One of the world’s most potent and powerful “hidden secrets” is nowadays the pink Himalayan salt! As the plates of the earth moved and over the ages pushed the Himalayas toward the heavens, the sea [.

How To Use & Care For Your Himalayan Salt Block Remember: When you purchase a Himalayan pink salt block, use and care instructions should always be included with the slab. Always follow those provided guidelines first and foremost (before any of the following) to ensure you get the best results and longest life our of your HPS block. Designate a ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ Always cook…   [read more]

10 Reasons to Own A Himalayan Salt Block & How To Use It

Toss out the white table salt and replace it with this!!!! The Healthiest Type of Salt and Why It's So Important

The Healthiest Type of Salt and Why It’s So Important

Benefits of Himalayan Salt - With all the health benefits of this sea salt, we need to continue to educate consumers about the importance of unrefined, pure and natural sea salt vs. table salt laden with chemicals and non-caking agents.

Himalayan salt benefits include supporting weight loss, detox, balanced hormones, and respiratory function. Learn 7 ways to use himalayan salt for wellness.

Himalayan Salt Benefits: How to use it for all that ails you!