Hyperactive child

My child can be impulsive and highly active.  He is a hands on and very physical boy.  And when I ask him to “stop,” sometimes the behavior even escalates.  Is he disobeying?  How can I help him just calm down?!  Sound familiar?  Or should I be asking how can he use up his energy?  His...Read More »

How can I help my hyperactive child

Children with ADHD often face social challenges in addition to other issues. Here are five examples of how ADHD affects social skills and behavior, and how you can help.

5 Ways ADHD Can Affect Your Child’s Social Life

ADHD can make it difficult for your child to concentrate and pay attention. ADHD can impact social skills as well.

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Impulse control. Time management. Sleep. Screen time can cause issues in all these areas for kids who have #ADHD. Here are some ways to address these common trouble spots.

My Child Was Just Diagnosed With ADHD. Now What?

Learn about ADHD symptoms and technology issues in children. Find ways to help your child with ADHD manage screen time. Get online safety tips that are tailored for kids with ADHD.

ADHD Hyperactive/Impulsive Type Symptoms and Behaviors

Attention and ADHD, ADHD Hyperactive/Impulsive Type Symptoms and Behaviors

Child Psychology : How to Handle a Hyperactive Child

Hyperactive children demand a lot of involvement. Focus your hyperactive child's routine with the assistance of a licensed psychologist in this free video.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also known as ADHD) is a neurological problem that affects nearly children. A child who suffers from ADHD tends to

What Is ADHD?  {Infographic}

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Between kindergarten and fifth grade, your child is tackling a lot of new responsibilities at home and at school. Signs of ADHD may become more evident as demands on your child grow.

ADHD: What You’re Seeing in Your Grade-Schooler

Great techniques and tips for working with kids who are human spin-tops :)

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