I'm worthless, I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm jealous, I'm over emotional, everything a guy wouldn't want. It's no wonder why I get cheated on, but I'm so deep in depression I don't even have enough fight left in me to change all of that. The weight thing, no problem. I just don't eat. I can't anymore. I'm so far gone at this point, just smiling takes everything in me to do it.

She Should just give up on me, I'm lost in my own realm of despair, and She tries to pull me out, but I only Pull Her deeper into her own. I am the monster in her nightmares

Prayer for healing a broken relationship

If you are hurting, this prayer can help inspire you to seek God's healing. Ask him to heal the brokenness and discord in your hearts. Believe in his faithfulness.

This may be the most beautiful thing I’ve read.

This may be the most beautiful thing I’ve read.

I seriously feel like this sometimes

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broken friendship | Tumblr.... The worse kind of heartache......never knowing…

Well I never got to say a proper good bye. maybe that's what you wanted. Well atleast then I am glad. if that's what you wanted. Good bye my friend.

http://discover-love.digimkts.com/ Finally understand .  I need  love frases !!  Will you be happy? .

tis all in Gods plan.even if it sucks royally (lol). thinking about a healing heart in Saudi. xo -Aunt M

16 Painfully Great Broken Heart Quotes To Help You Survive Getting Dumped

16 Painfully Great Broken Heart Quotes To Help You Survive Getting Dumped

I'm more broken than you think. ∞

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Heart break- its funny how being alone seemed like the worst feeling in the world but it's not, it's losing someone you thought you couldn't live without.

30 Broken Friendship Quotes

30 Broken Friendship Quotes

So true. You have made me so sad, feel so worthless that I no longer go to the classes I love because I am worried about what people think about me because of the lies you have told. I am a strong woman and you have made me feel broken.

Yes,this is so true... i say that "i'm fine"but i not... and I'm crying inside but I'm not showing you... i don't like crying in front of people...

Especially when someone thinks that you have a great life when its not so fabulous. In fact it comes close to the crappiest within a 50 mile radius

Walk with the broken

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