"I hate shopping because it makes me feel like I'm fat, ugly, unfashionable and poor." Let's change that :-) | #hateshopping #fashion #clothing

10 things men find unattractive in women I hate shopping because it makes me feel like I'm fat, ugly, unfashionable and poor.

I'm sorry I'm pinning all this I'm just depressed, I need to sleep and think goodnight I'll be online at 5 am x

I'm worthless. I'm ugly. I'm fat. I'm annoying. Give up on me because I'm a lost cause.

...,,I'm sorry....                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm not even wanted in my own home. I let everyone down and I've finally come to terms with the fact that everything IS my fault. All this time I've been pushing it into other people, blinded from my own design.

Yes! I compare myself to every person I see and I am way uglier. Why can't I be beautiful?

I'm actually like 198 lbs. I know I'm fat. I mean I'm size 16 and I can't even go shopping clothes without crying because I'm so fucking disgusting.

THIS. IS. EVERYTHING.  Lillian is a burlesque dancer and her TEDx talk nails the key to positive body image.

This is amazing! Every girl needs to read this! This is so inspirational, if every girl reads this, their confidence will be boosted so much! confidence boost, confidence quotes, becoming confident

I wish my mum did this instead of always pouring her body image insecurities in me and telling me how I should be happy because I'm thin and "a lot of girls would like to have your body". I wish my mum didn't look at women in the street and tell me "well I'm fat but at least I'm not fat like that". I wish my mum didn't tell me that even though I am thin at some point in my life I will gain fat so I should watch what I eat. I love my mum, but she should have known to keep her insecurities to…

I wouldn't mind being complimented on my body, as long as it was a kind and innocent remark, but the rest of this is spot-on.



this society is so messed up these days, people only care about you if your pretty and thin as a stick or if you die. like society has to see that this is messing up people, its leading them to mental heath and eating disorders because we are being told we're fat or we're ugly and then we live a life till we die or commit suicide. they don't take things seriously 'till death. society has to stop but the worst part is that i am part to society.

no one cares unless you're pretty or dying - if you are pretty AND dying.they've romanticised that (pretty and dying, in the media ALL the time!

Nope I don't but I u on the other hand can't stop and all u can say is I'm fat Bitch please I still look better than u on my worst day....funny how u can't stop posting about me.....lmfao oh but I'm the one who needs to grow up bahahaha crazy how ur so delusional

girl the difference between me and you is i dont need to throw shade to shine

Quote on eating disorders: You don't have to look like you have an eating disorder to have one. www.HealthyPlace.com

Insightful eating disorder quotes set on beautiful, shareable images. Quotes on anorexia, bulimia, binge eating provide insight into eating disorders.

my problem: i don't want to eat, but i do. and when i do i hate myself a little more. recently my "friend" said "you know why I'm so skinny? i have a secret, when i eat all the fat I'm supposed to gain goes to you. thats why i eat all the time, and you don't." -_-

I have a problem where I eat my emotions, so I stopped trying to pay attention to when I was eating for real or when I was eating because I had anxiety. I get one to one and a half meals a day. It keeps me alive.

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39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

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The next time someone calls you "fat", confidently remind them AND YOURSELF that "fat is subjective". 😊 I prefer "healthy" and "well-fed" anyways, but most of all--HAPPY!

Fat is NOT a feeling. << This is EXCELLENT. I would pin this all day, every day, everyone should see it.

Fat is not a feeling. Fat is not a measure of health. It is not a measure of worth. It is not a measure of beauty. It is not a measure of success.