But I know you love me, and you know how sorry I am. I swear I thought I was going to lose you that day

Im sorry i was not what u wanted muffin. im sorry i was not "that" guy. im sorry i wasnt better. im sorry.

Yeah that's true. I'm sorry for everything. I knew I lost you a long time ago sorry for everything I've done I'm not going on the first now I don't want you to be upset that I came and I won't be anywhere you are

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go on guys I am replaceable I will be fine jumping off of that chair....sorry

I've been replaced in all of my friends groups. The people I used to spend hours talking to don't even acknowledge me anymore.

Can't wait until I think of someone when I read this :)

We share a lot of silence. but I love her for it, and i miss her so much.I miss talking to her,her smile,her laugh,her different gestures and above all HER.

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