Phillip Toledano - This is some some images from Toledano's photo diary of him with his elderly father. This photo diary consisted of a selection of quite sad images and happy ones showing Phillip Toledano's last days with his father and documenting his Father's successes and achievements in life. Photo Diaries I feel are quite personal but I also could document an area around me to show growth over time.

documentary photography Incredibly honest and heartfelt project by Phillip Toledano!

Fathers Day crafts (2)

40+ Craft Ideas for HIM! Ideal for Birthday's, Father's Day & Christmas

Funny pictures about Father's Day Beer Mug. Oh, and cool pics about Father's Day Beer Mug. Also, Father's Day Beer Mug.

Cogs Contraptions Tri Shutter Card Kit on Craftsuprint designed by Robyn Cockburn - Decoupage rustic mechanical images for a male birthday or Fathers Day card.Tri-shutter cards are very simple to make (step by step photographic tutorial included). All of the decorative panels, fold lines and cutting lines are built into the design. Just glue the front and back panels together, cut two slots, make the folds and you are ready to attach the decoupage items. Various greetings and a matching ...

Cogs Contraptions Tri Shutter Card Kit on Craftsuprint designed by Robyn…

fathers day rocket card.  I love you to the moon and back.  My Dad is out of this world.

Father's Day crafts for kids. Find great ideas for kids to make a homemade Father's Day craft. We have a bunch of fun and simple kids Father's Day crafts ideas as well as some free printable Father's Day cards, coloring pages, activities and more.

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: 20 Easy Father's Day Preschool Crafts for Kids

It's a Father's Day Trophy craft for kids! Kids will have a blast making this fun Trophy craft for dad!

Knitting Nancy or I think we called it "French Knitting"

later Dad would make them frm the old wooden sewing cotton spools with 4 tiny nails hammered on top. We then used off-cuts of coloured wool and one of Mum's crochet hooks. Lots of fun and we called it "French Knitting".