Cane Hill was an insane asylum in Croydon London in use until 1991

Cane Hill was an insane asylum in Croydon London in use until 1991 < picture prompt + Dysphoria Coulro

straight jacket, fear of loosing mentality

Was digging through my costumes, and decided to upload a photo of my Victorian zombie costume from last December.

Frightening look at old insane asylums.  Poster showing acceptable reasons for admission.

List of reasons for admission to a lunatic asylum in the reads like a list of potential metal band names.

"Imagine an inmate sitting in his cell with little else to keep him company but a red marker as he marks off each day that passes. The island is totally abandoned now: only shepherds live here in place of those who once resided within the prison walls. An estimated 4,000 were killed by other inmates or guards, or were otherwise executed." - Written by: Michele Collet

Here Are Some of the Creepiest Abandoned Prisons We've Ever Seen

Patients in various states of misery, at the Ohio Insane Asylum. The photo was taken in 1946. Psychiatric medicine improved in leaps and bounds during the intervening decades.

Ohio Insane Asylum, 1946 I don't care what anyone says, insane asylums are the only thing that could EVER make a "scary" movie actually scary.

Admissions to Women's Insane Asylum 1864-1889. Oh my.

pokesthedeadwithsticks: “dwellerinthewoods: “delphinecxmier: “caffeinepants: “actionables: “ doomy: “ topsecretumbreonage: “ Reasons to be admitted to an insane asylum from 1864 to 1889 Tag yourself, I’m Seduction and Disappointment ” kicked in head.