The human Skeleton. Learning the names for the bones you will find in the human skeleton please like our Facebook page

Human skeleton English vocabulary lesson Human skeleton English lesson Human skeleton vocabulary How many bones in the human skeleton? There are 206 bones in the human body, but when babies are born they have around

Huh. I used to work in the Elsevier subscriptions customer service department, back in 2001. I wasn't there long, but I recall the attitude was always "get the information to the customer" first and foremost. Having the journals online was still quite a new thing, so sometimes that meant searching old paper issues, making photocopies and posting them to the customer. We never charged for this, even for non subscribers. I don't recall any complaints of this nature, but I guess things…

Make science great again

"Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge"

Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Ratio

Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Ratio

Theory: Give three points about what the golden ratio is. Give three examples where the golden ratio shows up in nature. Give three examples of where you could use the golden ratio in your own illustrations and design.

2015 has already been a huge year for science — here are 30 reasons why

30 amazingly futuristic breakthroughs that have happened this year

The Top 30 Science Stories of Superhuman Vision, Three Parent Babies, Implanting False Memories, and So Much

Damn right, I really look up for the dalai lama cause this guy is amazing and he believe in science. What I love about budhism is they don't care if we are believers or not, live and let live.

Dalai Lama: 18 Rules of Life

Dalai Lama: 18 Rules of Life - Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

The science of happiness explained in one infographic. Visit…

The science of happiness explained in one infographic

Psychology infographic & Advice Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Infographic. Image Description Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Infographic

this would be something neat to experiment with the kids for science fair

The ants whose multi-coloured abdomens show exactly what they've been eating

This could be a fun science fair project someday :) Ants stomachs are transparent. a woman noticed it when ants drank/ate spilled milk one day so she gave them some colorful candy and then photographed them!