Guiette House designed by Le Corbusier's in 1926 is considered one of his most unknown works.

scandinaviancollectors: “The Maison Guiette, Antwerp, by Le Corbusier (in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret) / Mimoa ”

Tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Frank Lloyd Wright - Falling Water - I finally got to visit and see this amazing home! First item i can check off my "Get Busy Living" list!

1936 International Style

Son don't you want to build your mother this house! Exterior Modern Art Deco Interior Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

richard joseph neutra(1892-1970), lovell house, 1929. los angeles, california, usa. photo Los Angeles

The Lovell House is an International style modernist residence designed and built by Richard Neutra between 1927 and The home, located at 4616 Dundee Drive in Los Angeles, California

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International Style: International Style, architectural style that developed in Europe and the United States in the and and became the dominant tendency in Western architecture during

Architecture mixed with electronics mixed with animation — we think nothing of mixing these elements now. In 1958, as Poème Electroni...

Midcentury Modern Architecture : Expo 58 Philips Pavilion by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis / Selected by

International- Contemporary Style       The exterior of this trilevel home is clad in Trespa Meteon, a distinctive waterproof siding made in Germany. Arriscraft, a composite stone, frames the red cedar garage door that integrates with the entryway.        Several features tie the home to International-style architecture of the 1930s: unadorned, stark white surfaces, a facade that expresses the strength of its steel core, and a rectilinear design with a nonstructural skin of innovati

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Ultra modern minimal white house in Palm Springs, Desert One by Jim Jennings architecture _

Ultra modern minimal white house in Palm Springs, Desert One by Jim Jennings architecture - sublime decor