Ioan Gruffudd - watching King Arthur, right now, so thought this fitting ;-)

Ioan Gruffudd - Welsh actor (born on October 1973 in Cardiff, Wales)

Ioan Gruffudd as Titanic Fifth Officer Harold Godfrey Lowe

Ioan Gruffudd as Tanner again. Is it any wonder Joy falls so hard for him?

Ioan Gruffudd - easy on the eye, even if his name isn't easy on the tongue!

Ioan Gruffudd - Amazing British actor in "Amazing Grace" and "Horatio Hornblower" series

Ioan Gruffudd.  He's one sexy Welsh man.

Horatio Hornblower played by Ioan Gruffud. Love him and that series!

Ioan Gruffudd this guys sir Benjamin in the secret of moonacre film. good film.

Ioan Gruffudd (pronounced like Ian).

'The Secret of Moonacre' (2008) Sir Benjamin Merryweather / Sir Wrolf Merryweather (Ioan Gruffudd).

'The Secret of Moonacre' Sir Benjamin Merryweather / Sir Wrolf Merryweather (Ioan Gruffudd). Dakota Blue Richards in character as "Maria Merryweather"

Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower in the British historical miniseries by that name.

Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower) men-s-steampunk-clothing

Ioan Gruffudd. This guy was my first actor crush! I <3 him to pieces and watch every movie I can find of him!!!! ADORABLE!

Ioan Gruffudd movies-actors-i-like

Ioan Gruffudd as Sir Benjamin Merryweather by secret of Moonacre>>Okay, so this is Victorian fantasy, but it still counts.

Ioan Gruffudd- "The secret of Moonacre" - Costume designer : Beatrix Aruna Pasztor

Forever is an awesome the same time, just take a look at this guy!! How cute is Ioan Gruffudd? The accent, the smarts, the scarves....ADORABLE.

Dr Henry - TV series 'Forever' - He's Sherlock, Doctor Watson and Highlander in one.

‘Forever’ Star Ioan Gruffudd On Surprise Cancellation, Playing ‘Role of My Dreams’

Ioan Gruffudd; pronounced 'yo un griffith' according to my UK friends

Ioan Gruffudd the 'Fantastic Four' actor going to the AT&T store to buy an iPhone

Ioan Gruffudd [Amazing Grace; Fantastic Four; Forever]

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Ioan Gruffudd on ABC's "Forever"

Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan on 'Forever'

Ioan Gruffudd.  Sad that Forever has been cancelled :-((

Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) in Forever

Horatio Hornblower. I love this tv series.

Horatio Hornblower played by Ioan Gruffudd