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Have you been wondering how to make your bathroom seem more inviting and comfortable for yourself, your family members and guests? A blue bathroom makeover may be just the thing, and we have pulled some of the best blue bathroom ideas the internet has to offer to give you our top picks. Browse on to hopefully find something that inspires you to start remodelling your bathroom. Busy Bathroom Yes, this is a very busy room, but it doesn’t become too crowded thanks to the soft colours and solid…

So much like it bathroom. Shutters are good. SEA-GLASS CHIC Homeowner Vicky Hodges bought her 1935 Cape Cod-style cottage in and spent more than two years renovating and extending the property with the help of local firm Warlick Design & Construction.

(The IT Crowd)  With all due respect, I am the head of IT, and if you type "google" into Google... You will break the Internet.

Jen from The IT Crowd- Pretty much sums up my technical knowledge too.

The British comedy “The IT Crowd” is one of my favorite geeky shows!  "This, Jen, is the Internet" was created by Christian Petersen, @azrealsky  on Twitter.

IT Crowd Quote Poster "This, Jen, is the Internet." now featured on Fab.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

The most awesome images on the Internet

In my high school's production of Mary Poppins, on opening night, the fire place fell forward onto the stage. Not knowing what to do, the actor who played Mr. Banks shouted "My house is a mess!

The IT Crowd’s most memorable quotes. It forgot "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?"

The IT Crowd’s most memorable quotes…

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Oh My gooooooodneess Piñata Cookies! this looks time consuming but would be such a fun idea for a cinco de mayo party!

IT Crowd - The Internet (Papercraft)

IT Crowd - The Internet Papercraft

Best. TV. Show. Ever. Love the IT crowd! "What operating system does it use?" "Uhm.. Vista!" "We're all going to die!"

Moss keeps being awesomely accurate.

Haha computer humor on the bomb deactivating robot.The IT Crowd.