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BTS Bighit Trans : [ Happy Birthday to BTS J-Hope (Dance Team Leader,Aegyo Boss/Captain,(Member who) seems like he’s in the maknae linebut is (actually) in the hyung line,Hope of Bangtan ans ARMY’s)!

#wattpad #fanfiction I love her but, she doesn't love me. I don't love him but, I need to stay with him. I love you so much but why don't you love me back?  What more should I do to win your heart? You're not just my wife, you're my soulmate.  My only one. But don't worry, I'll not touch you until you love me. Highest...

Love me {J.HS} - 20 - Pain

J-Hope sending hearts to ARMYSSs! Thx for the wonderful present Jimin!

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방탄소년단 ‏@BTS_twt twitter update 28/4/0215 ---------다섯시간 남은기념 하뚜  #INEEDU  #홉이쥬

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