Their centers. I know it doesn't really go here.

I know it doesn't really go here. But dammmm Jack Frost and I'm just here in the dark fangirling. Also deciding if I ship Jack x Bunnymund or Bunnymund vs Pitch for Jack more.

"First thing I remember is darkness." E eu pensei que nunca mais me apaixonaria por um personagem de desenho animado! Jack Frost <3

Jack Frost Art Print

Here Begins The Tale of a Frozen Boy Who Possessed a Heart Warmer Than a Sun.

Jack Frost Rise of the guardians rotg /// "Here begins the tale of a frozen boy who possessed a heart warmer than the sun.

Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost - Sagittarius

dreamworks chris pine jack frost rise of the guardians rotg toothiana baby tooth the rise of the guardians You can't queue everything my friend; though you try Frost Bite Frozen Snowcone FrozenSnowcone consulting-time-detective

THIS IS SO SAD!!!!!! I wanted to bawl my heart out!!!! Yeah that sound......that sound was my heart breaking......

This is Emma Overland's poem in honor of her brother, Jackson Overland (aka Jack Frost). <---- not gonna lie, I nearly cried >~<

Before and After. I love this!!

Jack Frost - Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians Fan Art - Fanpop Dreamworks rotg

Counting Sleep   *fangirl gasp* the very end tho!!!!!

Counting Sleep

Counting Sleep *fangirl gasp* the very end tho! << starts screaming because httyd