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Hey Honey! Jam Me! Be Salty! Shinin'on!

Jam Packaging Design Curated by Little Buddha

packaging is everything and every detail does matter! this Jam package design is everything!

Casa Dita jam by Bea Janoni. Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design #inspiration #ideas #branding #jar #jam

Casa Dita

CASA DITA is an organic jam producer Brazilian company located at Serra da Mantiqueira which brings the best of the Atlantic Forest to your daily life.

Jam Packaging Designs For Inspiration - We Design Packaging

Through the years as packaging design has evolved it has kept the essence of the jam bottle and has also given new directions of creativity and innovation. // This is the best jam package i have ever seen.

Designed by Hey: “A new company based in Miami. Their hand-made range of savoury vegetable jams​​ is fun food and snacks made for sharing. The labels are a set of random die-cut perforations where the holes suggest the constant nibbling that the food provokes.”

Jammy Yummy Hey is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. We specialise in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. We love geometry, color and direct typography.