Secretary of Defense James Mattis.  A great General - but should he lead the defense department?

James Mattis’ 33-Year Grudge Against Iran

General Mattis---- such a badass!!!

Below the video, you can see this general. Marine Corps General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, a military hero forced to retire early by Obama: Gen. James Mattis, known to his troops as “…

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Vicious Harmony: Mattis On Cooperation

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter.... #AmericaFirst  Congratulations Gen James Mattis for your new role Sec of Deffense  #PresidentElectTrump made a excellent choice  #MAGA.....

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General James Mattis

17 brilliant insights from legendary Marine general James Mattis

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Top Ten General Mattis Quotes

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DEBRA GIFFORD (@lovemyyorkie14) | Twitter "U.S needs to focus on a military so lethal it will be our enemy's longest day & worst day when they run into that force." ~ General #Mattis

The general landed in Iraq Tuesday morning, just hours after President Trump made an announcement that America will be sending more troops to Afghanistan. Mattis wasted no time getting to the point…

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*16 Best Quotes of Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis

Warrior Monk is not going to be President Monk. So what’s up with the drive to draft him? Retired four-star Gen. James Mattis — known as