3rd grade Heather Galler Patterned Landscapes

3rd grade Heather Galler Patterned Landscapes (Jamestown Elementary Art Blog)

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 2nd Grade Da Vinci Invented Robots

graders studied the life and art of Leonardo Da Vinci! They learned that he was practically a genius in all the amazing inventions t.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 3rd Grade "Action Jackson"                                                                                                                                                      More

grade artists are learning about the Abstract Action Paintings of the artist Jackson Pollock! We created our own "action" paintings by.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 1st Grade Rainbow Order Snails - ROY G BIV

graders sang the song about our good friend, Mr. ROY G BIV . They learned that his names stands for the color order !

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: Kindergarten Shape Monsters

Kindergarteners thought about the art element of shape and we used shapes to create some fun and silly monsters! We watched this "Mons.

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog: 1st grade

Like the simple tree with the colorful circles. Upper Allen Elementary: "Reaching our unique growth potential"

Beautiful Op Art! Well-done Jamestown Elementary

grade artists learned about Op Art . They learned about how sometimes it is meant to be an optical illusion and sometimes it is just me.