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1960s Fashion: The Icons And Designers That Helped Shape The Decade

Vogue Daily — Jane Birkin in Paris, 1974 with her basket before Hermès created the iconic Birkin bag for her.


Jane Birkin - She is THE fashion icon - Jane Birkin was the muse who inspired the coveted Birkin bag from Hermes - Her beauty and style are timeless

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supermodelgif: “anthea page as jane birkin. by natalia parsonson for oyster magazine.

Learn How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

Learn How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro

summer inspiration for a sunny weekend. jane birkin fashion tips: roll your T sleeve, wear a double long necklace, skip the bra, thick eye makeup, no lipstick. go kill it girl… have good long weekend everyone. by kv

Jane Birkin | Inspiration for Alex Guofeng Cao's Bardot vs. Birkin

Beauty Icon: Jane Birkin

In our opinion, no one epitomized effortless beauty better than chanteuse and actress Jane Birkin. Her tousled hair and glowing, fresh face really expressed summertime beauty. Jane’s makeup was simple and very natural.