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N e e d l e p r i n t: Janet Bolton Workshop * 11 June 2010 * Quilt Museum, York

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Pleasing Yourself – the world of Janet Bolton

'Sheep above the old mill' / 'Two Sheep in Two Fields': Janet Bolton

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So here is day one of the Janet Bolton weekend workshop at the Hope & Elvis studio. We started the day with a walk up to the Harley Galler.

'Whale Swimming in Golden Waters': Janet Bolton

Janet Bolton exhibits and teaches worldwide. She has work in both public and private collections, and has published books for both adults and children, the latest being Fabric Pictures: a Workshop with Janet Bolton.

Janet Bolton Geese Block. Its OK to be imperfect

geese block Handsewn from pattern from Janet Boltons book 'My Grandmothers Patchwork quilt'