Janet Jackson I got to see this woman in concert Thursday night in Tampa. I been a huge fan since 1980s and I have all her music ! Woohooooo

Janet Jackson : découvrez les coulisses de la séance photo de son nouvel album

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Videography: Janet Jackson Her name’s not Baby, it’s Janet. Jackson if you’re nasty.

Word Life Production - The youngest of the the Jackson's Janet has led a very impressive musical life

JANET JACKSON She's not only married to a stinkingly rich Arabian dude. Michael Jackson other very famous sister Janet Jackson is also .

All Hail Queen JANET JACKSON ♔

idmakeyouscream: “This day 50 years ago a true iconic Legend was born. She’s inspired so many people across the world and her music has made an impact in pop culture. She’s had a wonderful career of selling over 160 million records, 27 Top 10 hits,

Janet Jackson

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