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39 Absolutely Perfect Comic Sans Valentine's Day Cards

Always come equipped with a quick, sassy comeback. | 29 Grool Life Lessons We All Learned From "Mean Girls"

29 Grool Life Lessons We All Learned From "Mean Girls"

This was my answer to julie when she asked who she'd sit with at lunch and can you sit wherever u want. Lol

You Know You Go To U of Oregon When...

According to Mean Girls, which table did you sit at in high school? the greatest people you will ever meet, duh.

17 signs you're Janis from mean girls

17 Signs You're Janis Ian From "Mean Girls"

Lizzy Caplan as Janice Ian on "Mean Girls" my idol xx

Does the thought of getting up in the morning and having to deal with people sound like your worst nightmare? Is Janice Ian basically your soulmate?

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Which Movie Goth Are You? - Quiz Janis from 'Mean Girls' Snarky and loyal to those who deserve it, the people of the world never fail to surprise you with their overwhelming stupidity.