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Japanese bedroom. This isn't about the lack of bed (we will need a bed) but loving the matting vibe

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Japanese bedroom

JAPAN - The low bed and walnut colour scheme create a traditional look in this Japanese-inspired bedroom. The wall mural is beautiful too, giving a peaceful vibe to this room. Giant sliding doors finish the look.

Japanese or Japanese-style bedroom by garden from Woodstock Homemade Houses.

Let's dream about sleeping porches

My Style: Private Japanese garden makes for a very nice bedroom view. I've been living with a bedroom view of a very zen garden this year and it's lovely.

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Oliver Peake: Japanese Bed “This was an interesting commission. The client wanted an entirely sunken bed with hidden storage and invisible heating!" this would be perfect for my tiny house!

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Japanese 4-Panel Screen Room Divider, Plum Blossom (Black, White, Red)

Cherry Blossom Trees and Mountains - wall mural

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