I have no idea what this title is but the Japanese windowsill decor is beautiful.


shoji style lamp

Japanese Lamp From Recycled Materials

A cheap but attractive paper "shoji" style lamp that uses mostly recycled parts and is easy to put together.

Bamboo Mood Lamp  Modern Japanese Style Tabletop by AuraWaterfalls, $95.00

Bamboo Led Mood Lighting - Modern Japanese Style Accent Lamp custom made by Aura Waterfalls

17 Ideas That Can Immediately Turn Your Bathroom Into a Private Spa - Top Inspirations

Adding teak to your shower floor instantly upgrades the look and hides the ugly drain. Teak is a waterproof material so it's okay to use in the shower. I loveeee this!

THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL!! although I would like it much better if the counter wasn't floating

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Japanese Lamp with Shelf

This lamp helps me to get an idea about what one of my lamps could look like because these rectangular shapes help to show the Asian/ethnic design that I am trying to work for.