Japanese garden style

A small Japanese garden!  I hadn't thought of doing that!

Family friendly- a small Japanese garden retreat at the end of an urban backyard that still allows for traditional deck, lawn and borders.

A shady courtyard of pebbles and brick paths, filled with acers, hellebores, ferns and grasses. A Buddha crafted from blue Karnataka stone, sits beneath Acer palamatum.  ★❤★

Eastern-style garden

garden makeover after shot of tsukubai garden

Before & After: Tsukubai Front Garden -

http://japanstuff.hubpages.com/hub/small-japanese-garden-design -possibly for the front-

Small Japanese garden design

Japanese garden style is just perfect for small gardens. The tiniest space can fit a small Japanese garden. Japanese houses make the most of every bit of garden space, and often have small gardens squeezed a long a narrow pathway, or between two.

This is really pleasing to me. http://japanstuff.hubpages.com/hub/small-japanese-garden-design

Small Japanese garden design

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