[K]netizone: [Instiz] Japanese makeup style that is trending

Similar to how I do my blush. I think putting blush in this area gives more of a youthful, sweet look

「MAQUIA」2月号から、千吉良恵子さんによるケイトの先取り春パレット洗練使いこなし術をお届け。ヘア&メイクアップアーティスト 千吉良恵子さんメイクブーム創世記から第一線で活躍。トレンドを見据えながら明るくキュートなメイク提案で大人気。ファー...


minimalist nail design

Simple Cute and Gentle Blush-Focused Daily Makeup - Japanese

Traditional Japanese Makeup: Kabuki Makeup. Obviously not for every day wear, this is a highly stylized art form to complement the symbols in Kabuki theatre

traditional Chinese opera makeup = adapt the same concept, clean lines, and shading for fantasy makeup in different color

Ulzzang makeup | Kbeauty

I love the subtle blush under the eyes. Youthful minimalistic nomakeup makeup look. Igari " hangover" makeup look

ida_elina on Instagram

Black Velvet on the brow / Dark Humor as the liner activated with water / Dragoness lashes / Kitten Heels + White liquid liner /

Red Japanese characters written across models face  Kenzo AW16  Be featured in Model Citizen App, Magazine and Blog.  www.modelcitizenapp.com

Kenzo AW16

Red Japanese characters written across models face Kenzo