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Osechi Ryori おせち料理 (Japanese New Year Food

Japanese Culture Osechi: The Elegance of the New Year Table (Photos) |おせち料理

Osechi ryōri is the traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine. Osechi ryōri consists of several dozen elaborate dishes prepared in advance and served cold in layered lacquer boxes called jūbako.

Toshikoshi Soba on Japanese New Year's Eve Omisoka

Toshikoshi Soba on Japanese New Year's Eve Omisoka


Japanese New Year

A kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year placed in pairs in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest.


Japanese New Year

Osechi Ryori, typical Japanese New Year's Day shogatsu food

Shogatsu (Japanese New Year's Day) is the most important holiday in Japan. People eat osechi ryori, do hatsumode and children receive money.