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Japanese particles will eventually frustrate all Japanese language learners. So, we made a cheatsheet to help you with the most common Japanese particles.

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Japanese dates on days of the week, days of the month, months of the year are read differently. They are represented using different Japanese numbers over here.

Particles Japanese words. This is fantastic because I always get confused on which to use

julieyumi: I did my best to explain this complicated FAQ in a simple typography post, but haters gonna hate, so here’s the disclaimer again: this isn’t a comprehensive lesson. It’s only a starting point (hopefully a helpful one). #Japanese #language

Today I am releasing a version of the Basic Japanese cheat sheet which has been fully optimized for use on a computer (or computer-like device).

日本語  今日は月曜日です Today is Monday! 今日 (kyou) = Today は (wa) =‘Speaking of’ - this is the particle. 月曜日 (getsuyoubi) = Monday です (desu) = Is The kanji used for Monday is made up of the kanji for moon (月) and the ‘youbi’ bit is on the end of each day of the week (曜日).

Each day of the week has a kanji which represents a certain element. I used some kawaii characters to help you remembe. Learn Japanese: Days of week

Japanese particle - Learn other complete particle here

Here is a list of all the Japanese particles with a short note of explanation.