Iconic character: Jared Leto said going 'method' to take on the role of The Joker in highly-anticipated film Suicide Squad took him on 'a pretty deep dive'

Jared Leto reveals toll of going Method to play The Joker

Suicide Squad - Promo shot of Jared Leto. The image measures 4912 * 7360 pixels and was added on 27 October

The new Suicide Squad Joker....love it! I know this should more fit towards a movie board but I'm so putting in the comic book one. I got Deadshot who will you get?

Which Suicide Squad Member Are You?

SUICIDE SQUAD I admit it. I hated this look when it first leaked.  It's still not my favorite bit I've grown to love this joker. It just works

Joker hand smile tattoo Suicide Squad - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Similarities of joker ( Heath ledger &Jared Leto)---still like heath ledger more but I prefer margo Robbie over all

There is no bad Joker Joker Superheroes Dc Comics' Batman Superhero Movies Meme