Javier bardem

Javier Bardem so very handsome.

Javier Bardem, I love this guy!

Javier Bardem - Cutie!  Great match with Penelope Cruz.

Famous Facial Hair: Hollywood’s 6 Best Beards Of All Time

JAVIER BARDEM (Actor) oh yes mmmmm! I love his exagerrated and masculine features, so sexy and lush!

Young Javier Bardem though- Javier Habba Habba

Young Javier Bardem though

♂ Masculine & elegance man in winter black simple man's fashion wear #masculine #elegance #fashion

Javier Bardem ~ Mmmm…I love an older, lived-in looking guy. I mean pretty boys are ok to look at, but this dude is a Man. Capital M.<<<I'd have to agree😍but as a young gay I'd just say dilf lol, your explanation is better 😂