Jeff Beck (The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group). Guitarist of the first rank.

Jeff Beck - He's an old git now and he was never picture perfect, but he is/was so talented it makes him sexy (particularly in this period when he played fusion on a Les Paul). It's a kind of sexiness boy bands will never have.

The Yardbirds. Chris Dreja, Jeff Beck Keith Relf, Jim McCarty and Jimmy Page.

The Yardbirds! A supergroup not many people know a lot about, I mean Jimmy Paige and Jeff Beck, are you kidding?

Jeff Beck - playing his signature Fender Stratocaster

Jeff Beck thinks that this is probably the best joke his guitar has ever told.

jeff beck | Jeff Beck Weekend #1: Rare 1970’s Jeff Beck Footage | Guitar Player ...

Jeff Beck Weekend #1: Rare 1970’s Jeff Beck Footage

Creator of jazz rock. Satriani expressed his admiration for Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck....The greatest ever, just needs to not take himself so serious!  (This pic looks like Bob Berry.)

Jeff Beck- Listen to his music "Cause we ended as Lovers" & "Never Alone"

Jeff Beck

Who Is Beck?

Jeff Beck Fender Stratocaster Surf Green

Jeff Beck Signature FENDER "Stratocaster" Solid-Body Electric Guitar in Surf Green (unsure of year).

Jeff Beck.  Whatever is in his mind comes through his fingers and out his guitar.  Amazing!

Jeff Beck, one of my favourite all time guitarists, favourite songs are Scatterbrain, Hi Ho Silver Lining and a few others.