What a fine man

What a fine man

Batman: Arkham Asylum Fan-Cast

Batman: Arkham Asylum Fan-Cast

The smoking, oh my god. I have such a fetish for JDM smoking. His mouth would taste like coffee and smoke, like early morning car trips to someplace without electricity and chopped wood.

Jeffrey/Negan Gif Imagines

*Spots Abby and scoffs* Damn girl didn't sleep again. That's it, I'm getting her lavender bath oil or hocus pocus herbal tea *Abby spots him* "Oh balls" *looks away* *Looks back like a high school kid and smiles*

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played guitar in the movie, 'P. S. I Love You'

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor, best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette in the 2005 medical drama Grey's Anatomy and patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos: Premiere Of Lionsgate Films' "The Possession" - Red Carpet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos Photos: Premiere Of Lionsgate Films' "The Possession" - Red Carpet

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos - Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrives at the premiere of Lionsgate Films' "The Possession" at ArcLight Cinemas on August 2012 in Hollywood, California. - Premiere Of Lionsgate Films' "The Possession" - Red Carpet

Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher) & Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Charlie Peters) on Shameless

shamelessnews: “ We can’t help but wonder if Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance on Shameless is a one-off or if he will be back next season.

Jeffrey dean morgan! Y u only do one Shameless episode???

If you haven’t watched Shameless, shame on you, and yes, there are spoilers! To all honestly, Shameless is the only show I consider writing an episode recap each week because there’s al…

That time I was beyond giddy having devoured and gotten hooked on “Shameless,” because it looked like JD Morgan was going to be in it. Le sigh.

miikey-wheeler: “ Jeffrey Dean Morgan guest starring in Shameless episode “Lazarus” ”