Beautifully Colorful Photos Of The Lethally Venomous Portuguese Man O' War - Photographer Aaron Ansarov gets in real close to capture the gorgeous, colorful bodies of these deadly marine animals. Ansarov collects the lethally venomous creatures from his local shores in Florida, places them on his light table to photograph, and quickly returns them to the waters they were found in. :)

Beautifully Colorful Photos Of The Lethally Venomous Portuguese Man O' War Jellyfish.

Read this article about how the ph changes in the ocean is favoring an increase of Jellyfish communes in the ocean.     We actively can help by choosing sustainable fishes like albacore instead of tuna. And by keeping up with the world around us.

24 hours in pictures

24 hours in pictures: Tokyo, Japan: Hydrozoan jellyfish swim at Kamogawa Sea World Itsuo Inouye/AP

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee") | Tentacles of the Portuguese Man O'War

This is a closeup of the tentacles of Portuguese Man OWar(Physalia physalis)Photo by Simon de Glanville

juvenile purple striped jellyfish  ;)

Juvenile Purple-striped Jellyfish Canvas Print / Canvas Art by SMC Images

PURPLE-STRIPED JELLY (Chrysaora colorata, formerly Pelagia colorata): (Juvenile) a species of jellyfish that exists primarily off the coast of California in Monterey Bay.

This crochet curly cue sampler is perfect for figuring out how to make the perfect curl for your project. See how a single stitch can make a big difference! |

Crochet Curly Cue Sampler - How to Choose the Best Curl

Recently I posted a cute pattern for the Giant Octopus amigurumi - you had to make a bunch of crocheted curls in that pattern. I then found this great resource over at - a crocheted curly cue sampler - how to choose the best curl.

Jellyfish ~Looks like an ET or other alien flying vessel ETS

Beautiful alien jellyfish photographed by Chris Gug while diving in Papua New Guine

Yes, the Jellyfish is a plankton, and it lacks brains. They don’t have a nervous system, and obviously, there are no brain signals. However, there are other ways they use to send the signals. They have touch receptors that are placed on the tentacles and near the mouth.

Do Jellyfish Have Brains? and Another Fun Facts You Need to Learn About Jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish: bell up to wide, tentacles up to long

"Dancer" - © Trinko (Flickr)

Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal

diy jellyfish tutu dress

Jellyfish Costume

Adapt diy jellyfish tutu dress for flame costume, substitute colors for oranges, reds, yellows, etc.