Gravepainters, Fluttercord, Jelsa, Kristanna, Hiccstrid, Flashlight, AppleSpike, CheesePie, SoarinDash, should I go on?

Rachel Elizabeth Dare/Calypso got in the way of my Percabeth ship from Percy Jackson.and Lucy got in the way of my Jendall ship from Big Time Rush as a kid.

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A Frozen Love (A Jelsa story):Chapter 2 - Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun, and Queen Elsa, the Queen of Ice and Snow, b.

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Jelsa Ladynoir [Rise of the Guardians, Frozen, and Miraculous Ladybug crossover)

Haha they are teasing Jack about liking Elsa and he is getting shy♥♥ oh they are sooo cute JELSA rules

gothic-ichigo: “ ‘K, finally I’ve done it! It took me forever cuz of work and stuff, but finally it’s here, as promised! Previous time things are gone so smoothly that we’ve reached 100 notes in half.

Jelsa în primăvara vs jelsa în iarna

Jelsa- *Gags* There are SO MANY things wrong with this ship including the fandom. Actually, the fandom's the worst. :( I've grown to hate this one.

Awee jelsa family feels

I am sorry jelsa shippers I don't ship jelsa but I do hope my future husband says this to me! So sweet!<<I hope my future hubby says this too but I do ship jelsa