I appreciate that he cut his hair for his role, but I still miss it ❤️

Official Jared Leto Appreciation Thread Part 14 - Page 4

Gucci #guiltynotguilty

jared leto the joker suicide squad thirty seconds to mars echelon celebrity…

"My mother is very, very smart and commands respect because she has a lot of respect for herself" Jared Leto

Men look better when wet. Exhibit A - Jared Leto!

Long hair and beard- Jared Leto face shot

Jared Leto photographed by Eric Ray Davidson for L’Optimum, June He's the total package. Grooming by Jaime Taylor.

Jered Leto Ponytail look

Best Celebrity Ponytail Hairstyles for Men

Jered Leto Ponytail look

Walk on Water

Walk on Water

If there was a Best Hair Award at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, we'd have to present the Moonman to Jared Leto.

The Secret Behind Jared Leto's Amazing Ombre Hair

Join us live on August 2014 for a "Times Talk" discussion with Academy Award winning actor and musician Jared Leto as he provides insight into his career.

Fashion's Funniest VMA Tweets About Katy Perry's Leg, Jared Leto's Hair & More

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