Jessica Chastain ©Marco Grob / Variety’s Power of Women: New York issue

Jessica Chastain has become an outspoken advocate for gender equality in Hollywood, from pushing for the hiring of more women directors and crew, to seeking better representations of female charact…

Celebrity Jessica Chastain Red Color Hair For Woman

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Les plus belles mises en beauté de Jessica Chastain | Glamour

Les plus belles coiffures de Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain, amazing in Crimson Peak, and BEST FRIENDS WITH OSCAR ISAAC. Plus she had a slumber party with Tom Hiddleston , so like, wow woman way to win at EVERYTHING ♡♡♡

Jessica Chastain interview: 'If I get a role it's because I fought for it'

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Portrait of Jessica Chastain. I have a little bit of a girl crush on this lady right now! Best actress!

The beautiful Jessica Chastain portrait by Joey L. - Learn Joey's techniques for creating stunning photographs & cinematic lighting. I love the color and lighting.

Actress Jessica Chastain poses in Prada look featuring floral embellishments for L’Officiel Magazine Paris November 2016 issue

Jessica Chastain Wears Elegant Styles for L'Officiel Paris

edenliaothewomb: “ Jessica Chastain, photographed by Dusan Reljin for L’officiel Japan and Netherland, Nov ”