JJ Feild. Go watch Austenland now. @ellimacle This is the actor who played my Mr. Tilney from Northanger Abbey.

One of these days JJ Field is going to be in a blockbuster and then he will join the ranks of long-legged, good-looking, uber charming and talented Brits who are taking over the internet. But for now, I'll take Northanger Abbey and Austenland.

TURN - JJ Field as John Andre

jjfeildd: JJ Feild as Major John Andre in Turn

JJ Feild Pictures - 'Austenland' Screening in LA - Zimbio

JJ Feild Photos Photos: 'Austenland' Screening in LA

JJ Feild

““ I watched Austenland last night! All the JJ Feild feels!” Another Feild Fancier!

JJ Feild...leather jacket...every good man wears a leather jacket.

jj feild aka henry tilney of northanger abbey aka swoony

JJ Feild | Third Star, Austenland | {Not fair, sir. Your smile is perfect!}

A Moment With Austenland's JJ Feild

JJ Feild - He's been in two Austen Movies, now its time to try a film based on the ladies of the world's other favourite author.

JJ Feild Photo in color

Ya so about that face and voice and personality.....DAYUMMM

Im totally crushing on JJ Feild from Austenland

JJ Feild- the perfect cross between Jude Law and Tom Hiddleston!

He is amazing jj feild!

JJ Field -- friggin love him.

just so handsome:)-William