Funniest Trump Transition Memes: My Next Job Interview

Funniest Trump Transition Memes

Laughing so hard rn. Just imaging like a really high pitched kind of Mexican voice just going "Adios!" With like a little wave

Funny pictures about Loss of loved one card. Oh, and cool pics about Loss of loved one card. Also, Loss of loved one card.


19 Pictures That Sum Up How Absolutely Ridiculous It Is Finding A Job

This is how I feel at my job.

Finding Dory Memes, Gerald the Sea Lion Funny Meme, Tweets

Funniest memes of Gerald the Sea Lion from Disney's Finding Dory; Funny jokes, pictures of seal on rock from animated movie

You Had One Job Memes

"You Had One Job" Memes

Meanwhile at taco Bell: Epic Bathroom Fails That Will Make You Hold It Forever

you had one job


The Very Best of You Had One Job Meme - Snappy Pixels

This is a left turn arrow, but the sign say do not turn left. This is confusing, so it would be high cognitive effort.

You Had One Job Memes

"You Had One Job" Memes

Funny memes of unbelievably obvious "you had one job" mistakes ("epic fails").

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