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All photographs in this article are copyrighted by Joel Sternfeld. Joel Sternfeld is one of the most important and influential photographers of this generation.

Force of nature vs. man made - Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld: A Railroad Artifact, Street, May 2000 High Line New York City

It is written in the Torah that God’s name cannot be spoken. The name’s banned status signifies the indescribable power of a God so great that one cannot draw close, and there is a related concept present in Joel Sternfeld’s American Prospects, something that is impossible to state directly but is definitely there. It is an unspeakable force, lurking invisibly, powerful, cultural, American.

Joel Sternfeld - American Prospects (American photographer of delapidated places and general American life)

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Joel Sternfeld Domestic Workers Waiting for the Bus, Atlanta Georgia, April 1983 from American Prospects

Nags Head, North Carolina, (#39), June-August, 1976 by Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld’s First Pictures

Nags Head, North Carolina, ( … June-August, 1976 … by Joel Sternfeld…


Joel Sternfeld - First Pictures

Joel Sternfeld New Orleans, Louisiana, ( August 1974 1974 Pigment print From an edition of 5 and 2 artist's proofs Image size: 8 x .

Joel Sternfeld, Agoura, California, February 1988

Joel Sternfeld, Agoura, California, February 1988

Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld is a fine-art color photographer noted for his large-format documentary pictures of the United States and helping establish color photography as

The influential photographer Joel Sternfeld, who popularized the use of color photography, delivers the keynote address at this year’s Atlanta Celebrates Photography event. Description from I searched for this on

ACP Lecture Series - Joel Sternfeld at the High Museum of Art, Hill Auditorium, Sept. 2012 Photo Credit: Joel Sternfeld Location unknown, 1976 Print: 2010 Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York.