I don't even know how to react...

Dear lord help me i can't stop shrieking 'i wish that he would lik my hed'

I don't ship JohnLock but even I found this amusing.

I don't ship JohnLock but even I found this amusing.<< -Gives a satisfied sigh- I do ship it and this is beautiful.

Credit to insta account in screenshot. Johnlock Love

And then Mycroft hugs him back and tells him that it's going to be alright, that he won't lose John, omg this is killing me D:

From now on anything to do with superwholock will be on this board

Greetings from school how are you guys? - I cant stop listening La Parfum De Fleur! Today in exam i was murmurin the melody and everyone said "shut up İlayda we're having a But I couldn't help myself -

A bit.... Lol

I don't really ship Johnlock, but this is sweet and would totally happen if they became a couple. << I didn't know it was physically possibly to not ship johnlock what's it like

#Johnlock #SherlockHolmes #JohnWatson

#Johnlock #SherlockHolmes #JohnWatson


gwen on

Head canon: he doesn't see it as a problem one way or the other (as he doesnt care what ordinary people think) but he enjoys john's reaction to them so he doesnt correct it!

OMG YESSSSS<<<>Does anybody really get this joke? He's saying they're a couple and that they don't tell people so they keep it to themselves in a closet to hide it from everybody else. Come on guys. Getting slow.

I suppose you two are familiar with closets. John watson, is like, an expert

bromance? more like romance

bromance? more like romance