Huldah was an incredible woman of God. She had a great reputation in ancient Israel, which made her the perfect woman for the job. When Josiah was in the midst of a great spiritual and moral crises, Huldah is the single person to whom he turned. Huldah she was known for speaking the truth of God and not compromising for anyone. Her obedience to God to speak the prophecy to the king changed the course of a nation.

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The wife of Shallum; a prophetess residing at Jerusalem during the reign of faithful King Josiah of Judah. l Photographer James C.

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We are still EXPLORING our way though the Old Testament. This week we are learning about King Manasseh, King Amon and King Josiah.

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"Easy to make and great verses"... This was fairly easy to make and small enough to carry in your purse.  I play a game with the kids where I ask them what letter and then I read the verse for that letter.  Great way to easily incorporate scripture throughout the day.

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