Judi Dench photographed by Sarah Dunn.

Judi Dench - English film, stage and TV actress, occasional singer and author. Photo by Sarah Dunn. I think she is one of the most talented actresses we have.

Judi Dench.  Isn't she just lovely!!

Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench, English actress and author. Born in Heworth, North Riding of Yorkshire.

'Judi Dench' (2008) by photographer Bryan Adams. C-type colour print, 20.5 x 15.375 in. via National Portrait Gallery

Dame Judi Dench by Bryan Adams, London National Portrait Gallery, London

Judi Dench on Aging: "I'd Rather be Young and Know Nothing"

Judi Dench on Aging: "I'd Rather Be Young and Know Nothing"

At Judi Dench admits she wouldn't mind turning back the clock to relive some of her younger years.

Judi Dench still working well

PHOTOS - Judi Dench

Dame Judy Dench--for aging gracefully and being absolutely lovely in the process!

Judi Dench - I absolutely love her! Fantastic Actress

How to... steal Judi Dench's Paisley style

Clever accessorising: Judi's Paisley scarf brightens up her outfit I love her !

James Bond's Daniel Craig and Judi Dench voted favourite actors of 2012

2012 Judi Dench and James Bond's Daniel Craig voted favourite actors of