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Product design exposes the contents of the bottle, vibrant colours. Naked/organic typeface and colour scheme.

Juice Point - Logo Template

Turns a way-point marker into a juice glass with straw, emphasizing the company name.

Fresh Fruits Juice Logo

This design is more inspiration since jAMBA does use more fruits than just oranges and apples. This incorporates the limes, mandarins, and lemons. This design also is recognizable in both color and black and white.

Simply Squeezed

by Dow Design; The packed, fat letters of "Simply Squeezed" expresses the content well as the letters look "juicy. The diagonal lettering of the packaging adds energy and movement.

This fun interior and branding was designed for a new popsicle and juice store in Hawaii

Brandon Archibald Studio have created a retail concept design for the branding, identity and interior design for Maui Pops, a popsicle and juice store in Hawaii.

Echoes the pop-art piece "love" and the "I heart NY" logo with four letters positioned in a square.

Raw Juice Bottle by Kenya Carroll curated by Packaging Diva PD. Juice packaging concept for Southern Cross Packaging Competition.

We have selected 25 Examples of Beautiful Fruit Logos and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them. In the past 4 or 5 years, Apple’s Inc. logo has become probably the most popular logo in the world. Its simple minimalist shape and design has done a great job i…

Juice Bar Logo

Whimsical font, semicircle shape of fruit repeated and cut into juice glass at dynamic angles.


Another logo showcase, but this time on clever logo branding with typography concepts! Here are 20 hand picked logos that we think look awesome.