World Trade Center Jumpers-Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Islam I Learned On 9/11/2001.

photo shows people shouting for help at the windows of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York when the buildings are crashed on by airliners

World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11

~ A man leaps to his death from a fire + smoke filled North Tower of the World Trade Center, on September 2001 in New York City after terrorists crashed two hijacked passenger planes into the twin towers.

Grim: 2,753 died from 'blunt impact injuries' on 9/11 and it is thought that around 200 people jumped to their deaths. They would have fallen for around 10 seconds

The 9/11 victims America wants to forget: The 200 jumpers who flung themselves from the Twin Towers who have been 'airbrushed from history'

Hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center and explodes at a. on September 2001 in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) I WILL NEVER FORGET!


911 - Disturbing Evidence - CGI - Pod was not added to Plane - Plane was added to Pod - 911 - 1 urban MOving SyStems incorporAteD [MOSSAD] the van with the m.

We started the store front gallery for anyone who had used a camera to deal with 9/11. We were given thousands of pictures, which we hung on clothes lines and sold digital prints of, donating the money to the Childrens Aid Society. There are many images that stick in my mind. The planes, individual faces, the ash, the ruins, and then the bodies falling from the tower (David Surowiecki's photograph)—the horror of those realities, conveyed in picture after picture, is profound and moves me…

9/11: The Photographs That Moved Them Most

9-11 Photos The Networks Will NOT Show You!!!  -  Remembering The Jumpers

Photos Remembering The Jumpers - some jumped, some were pushed or blown out. God rest their souls.

Jumping for fear... I post these to force people to remember the horror.

9 / 11 Jumpers ( Burn to death as no escape route or jump ? ) Imagine the panic when the realisation they were doomed hit home ? Unimaginable terror ensued and they could only attempt to leave desperate messages to loved ones, then jump ☑️