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My father who has passed, once told me "when the hurt is so bad cry it all out at once even if it takes days, but once your done crying it is time to move forward". Miss you Papa.

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12 Unusual Romantic Gestures That Say “I Love You” Better Than Words Ever Will

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@katyhearnfit's photo: "Let. It. Go. Did you enjoy an extra dessert or a little too much pasta yesterday? It's a new day.. Shake it off. Stressing over it will only raise your cortisol levels causing a slowed metabolism & a long list of other negatives. Don't stress, just let it go and move on! ✌️"

Don't ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. LET IT GO. Need to remember this!

I think we need to meet for coffee , so you get all this off your chest . it won't work you know I love him no matter what .

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Don't Wait Everything to Be Perfect to Enjoy Your Life

Needed this quote. Always thought things had to be perfect first. Still do, but going to remember this quote and hopefully realize it doesn't have to be perfect. Don't Wait Everything to Be Perfect to Enjoy Your Life

Sometimes it's best to just let completely go and see where the universe directs you. I have let go of everything, because I fought like he'll to get back and realized everyone I loved, didn't love or care for me. The truth was a brutal reality! I have no FEAR and people are the least of my concerns. Goals are my greatest concern to re-directed and design the life I need and want. A life Free of all encumbrances from the False ones.♡♡♡

No fucks given. attitude be like that.

Ya Allah make us from amongst the people who forgive Amen. I am so thankful that Allah has given me a heart that is easy to forgive. It is very hard for me to stay angry at anyone and for some reason Allah has made it easy for me to let those negative thoughts go. Alhamdulilah!

Ya Allah please forgive us for not forgiving others and for the words that slip from our mouths

Just remember that all the shit someone puts you through, Sooner or later find its way back to them

Just sit back, keep quiet, let Karma catch-up . pop some popcorn & sit back .

Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes #inspirational quotations

Top 30 Famous Inspirational Quotes

amen and when you distance yourself from others who thrive on gossiping and tearing others down.

I'm very sorry and I don't know why you still love me because I did nothing to deserve you and I promise I won't hurt you again. You can do better than me but you don't want to and I don't know why. Why do you stick around @M

You can't treat people like shit and then expect them to love you. You can't ignore people until you need them & expect them still to care.