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The 15 Best Moments From Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Album Launch

The 15 Best Moments From Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Album Launch

I was there and i have to say that it was honestly one of the best days of my life! Hes so passionate about what he does and i look up to him and respect him as an artist and a person!

Justin Bieber Purpose

his only purpose in life is selena, but I guess the weekend took one for the team now

Hot photo of Justin Bieber singing on stage. What Do You Mean? + Sorry - Love Yourself. Nice look at his arm tattoo.

Are Justin and Kendall dating?

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“Where Are Ü Now” and electronic dance music helped Justin Bieber sing for grown-ups. A story of how music is made today.

Major Lazer - Cold Water ft. Justin Bieber, MØ   #major lazer #justin bieber #MØ…

What's even more amazing is getting through the brokenness together & coming out stronger. It creates a deeper love. A love that takes soul mates to their next level of connection in this beautiful, crazy world.

The MEGA awkward Justin Bieber BRITs 2016 you *didn't* notice...

The Awkward Justin Bieber BRITs Moment You Didn't Notice

BILLBOARD: Justin Bieber holds the first place among Popularity singers!

Youth, talent, charisma, passion and love: If there is one Hollywood celebrity or Hollywood singer who has all these qualities, that could only be Justin

Yo yo I'm Justin I'm single , I'm 17 ye like to sing and party I'm like fit girls ye so who wanna hang

He only thing worse than a man bun is a douchebag with a pathetic wannabe man bun.