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If you pay any attention to the fashion industry, you may have noticed that style is coming back in a big way for Actually, trends have been making their way back for a few months now, but this is set to be their big comeback year, which

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shorty shorts tights a blouse buttoned all the way up a sparkly collar = k-fashion perfection!korean fashion - ulzzang - ulzzang fashion - cute girl - cute outfit - seoul style - asian fashion - korean style - asian style - kstyle k-style - k-fashion - k-fashion

shorty shorts+tights+a blouse buttoned all the way up+a sparkly collar = k-fashion perfection! For those who wanna wear shorts but doesn't want their legs exposed lol

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IU's pastel pink and white combination is the perfect outfit for the coming spring months, whether to be worn formally or as daywear.