Kate Plus 8 follows Kate Gosselin through the challenges and joys of raising eight children.

One Of Kate Gosselin's Kids, Collin Gosselin, Goes Missing On Sextuplets' Birthday

Kate Plus 8. I am unhealthily addicted to this show..

Reality star mama Kate Gosselin can't seem to steer clear of drama, especially in the wake of the release of Robert Hoffman's book Kate Goss.

Kate gosselin kids 2013 | kate tells all after kate plus 8 aired its final episode two years ago ...

'I made so many mistakes': Kate Gosselin reveals her struggles as a single mother of eight children... two years after the cameras stopped rolling

Jon & Kate Plus 8

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Kate Plus 8: Returning to TLC This Winter!!

Kate Plus 8: Returning to TLC This Winter!!

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer: ‘Whole Story Isn’t Being Told’ About Collin