Kevin Hart's ostrich experience  one of the funniest videos i have ever watched in my life

The story when he threw a pen at an ostrich and it chased him 😂

Why....would you....throw a pen at it....if we didn't even know...what it was?! bahahaha

VIDEO: (click image to view) Profanity Advisory Kevin Hart - Ostrich

Kevin Hart Ostrich Good Quality - YouTube

Kevin Hart Ostrich Good Quality - YouTube

Kevin Hart afraid of ostriches - YouTube

Kevin Hart tells why hes afraid of ostriches from "I'm A Grown Little Man"

Kevin Hart & the ostrich. Oh my God to funny. Why would you throw a pen at him?

Hefty, ostrich-like dino found in China - Technology & science .

Kevin Hart <3

Philosoraptor: Image Gallery - Page 6

Hilarious! Two huge laughs when he was talking about the "family unit" and the ostrich attack. I was crying.

Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man Stand-up comedy star Kevin Hart delivers his unique perspective on work, race, family and friends with this laugh-riot comedy show, using his personal life as a departure point to shine a light on universal experiences.

Kevin Hart

anubhav: Kevin Hart (I hate them ostriches.

He is so stinkin funny!!! I just wish he wouldn't cuss so bad.

He is so stinkin funny! I just wish he wouldn't cuss so bad.

Everybody wants to be famous; nobody wants to do the work - Kevin Hart on ostriches, thug talk, and rappers!

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