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Imagine Kian sitting at home He hears you coming in the door and your singing his favourite song

Its like girl ur not going anywhere, we're going to stay here and watch movies and cuddle!

The best part of this is after a night of Kian and JC prank ing each other and Ricky catching it all in camera, they did this to Ricky's car.

"Sh-she's having my baby" I smile a tiny bit

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Kian Lawley is currently in Atlanta, Georgia to film his movie called Boo! A Madea Halloween, written, produced, directed and starred by Tyler Perry. Along with Kian (who plays Bean Boy) other …

Kian Lawley #kian #thechosenmovie #areyouchosen #2015

Kian Lawley #kian #thechosenmovie #areyouchosen #2015