Kids Behavior chart-This Behavior Chart Changed Our Family and Taught My Son What Was Acceptable-The Guilty Mommy

We tried everything and what finally worked for our son was a combination of posting the house rules, sticking to a schedule and this behavioral chart Más

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Understand How to Shape Behavior: This is to monitor overall behavior everyday for the students in my classroom. I would use this as self-evaluation behavior check in my classroom.

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Gael's Crafty Treasures: Good Behavior/Chore chart (FREE printables) Starting point - change up the behaviors to fit our needs and instead of giving/taking tickets, give or take 'demerits' on binder list?

Good article on sibling fighting. Book suggestions and chart ideas. I like this one with rules at the top, clothespin for each kid that can be moved down to consequences.

Family Rules Consequences chart -- also some great book recommendations to stop sibling fighting